Very Merry Holiday Fundraiser Follow-up

Yesterday was a fun day marking the culmination of our 4th Annual Holiday Fundraiser as Santa distributed presents and the checks were delivered to both the Socorro Storehouse and the Magdalena Friends of the Library. 

This year you all helped raise an amazing $10,025.13! Y'all done good!!  Give yourselves a pat on the back or at least a fist bump; this is real money helping a lot of area families. Your generosity truly warms our hearts and we are grateful for sharing your friendship. Thank you, such simple words, hold a depth of feelings of gratitude and good will. 

For full transparency and disclosure, I did NOT put a down payment on the Aston Martin but  instead bought gifts for 46 of the 90 kids on the Giving Tree; purchased a Chromebook for a 16 year old nerd, as she dubbed herself; then divided the remainder in half to donate to the Friends and the Storehouse (each received $2,440.87). And of course  we are grateful for the very generous $3,000, which Rob donated directly to the Storehouse from the Hate Project.

The following photos are of Catrina, the recipient of the laptop. She wanted me to tell you, "Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise. I love it, and being a nerd who spends a lot of time at the library pays off!" She is a great kid with a very bright future. 

I didn't get a photo of the check to the Storehouse, but know that the money will feed a lot of families for months to come. Thank you for helping so many no longer be hungry.

This last photo is the presentation of the check to the Friends of the Library. I will write another post about how the monies you've donated have enriched our historic little train station library and community.

Thank you all again. May your Christmas and coming New Year be filled with peace and joy. Bright Blessings on you all.

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