Worry Tags

In a little over 2 hours from now I will be offering these Worry Tags for sale on our Facebook page. If you are not already a member of our group, Richard Rogers Knives, please go ask to join. I will be happy to add you.

Starting at 3:00 pm (MST) I will post one tag every 15 minutes. Details will be on each post. The prices range from $50 for the Copper Mini tags to $100 for the Full-size Zirc Fatty tag. The full-size tags are 2 inches and the minis are 1.5 inches.


Worry Tags – a cross between a dog tag and a worry stone

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I say Damasteel, Richard says Damascus


***CLOSED – winner has been chosen. Thank you all.***

EDITED:  Apparently, the blade is Chad Nichols Boomerang Damascus. Sorry

Up for lotto now is an Executive with a Damascus blade, marble carbon fiber, and bead-blasted hardware. This will be $695 shipped.

This is available by entry to availableknife@yahoo.com . One entry per person, please.  I will random draw at noon (MST) tomorrow.

As always, thank you all so much.



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Available now

***CLOSED – winner has been drawn***  Thank you

Executive up for lotto is this Ivory Paper Micarta with blue anodized hardware.  The blade is CPM-154.  Price is $560 shipped. PayPal or check.

As usual, if interested please send entry to availableknife@yahoo.com . One entry per person. I will randomly select tomorrow evening at 5:00pm (MST).

Thank you.

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Executives available

***CLOSED : Winner has been drawn***  Thank you & others will be offered soon.


We will be selling a few Executives on various platforms. Some, like this one, will be available here, others by Update List only, and some on our Facebook group, Richard Rogers Knives. The FB group is closed but you are all welcome just request to join.

The Executive for today is up for sale by lotto.  It features brown burlap micarta with blue anodized liners, clip, end cap, and thumb stud.  The blade is CPM-154. The Executive is the same size as the Shorty but features a locking liner.

The cost is $560 shipped.  Payable by check or PayPal.  Entries can be sent to availableknife@yahoo.com.  One entry per person, please. I will draw, using random number generator, tomorrow,  February 8, at noon (MST).


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This is a post we have felt has needed to be said for quite awhile, but I keep forgetting and blogging isn’t my thing. But lately we have had even more inquiries and have seen a knife or two that mandates we address this now.
Knife parts are not easily interchangeable. Even though they may look alike they are each hand finished to one particular knife. So the frames of one Axiom, say, will not fit exactly on another Axiom. This goes for all models and all parts.
The CNC is a wonderful tool, which makes cutting out multiple pieces more proficient. But it is only the beginning. Each piece is profiled for one knife, and because they are hand done they are individual.
All this to say that they are not meant to be mixed and matched, one material slapped on for another, or Frankenknifed. We can not warranty our work if parts have been swapped. Hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings.

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Happy Holidays!


UPDATE: *** CLOSED***   Thank you everyone for your generosity; you all joined together to raise a whopping $6770 !! You are all amazing!

  The holiday season is upon us, with all the festive goodwill in the air, and when we ask you to consider helping those less fortunate. Our annual fundraiser is happening again this year for our favorite charities – our local food bank (The Socorro Storehouse), the Giving Tree (presents for area children), and the Magdalena Friends of the Library.

There is no photo here of the raffle knife because the winner will be able to choose the model and certain options. Those options do NOT include exotic frames such as all Damascus, Mokuti, or other high-end materials. Zirconium and Mokuti bolsters, etc is allowed.  Damascus blades are allowed, as long as we have it in stock or can get it. NO UNOBTAINIUM!  We want to keep the Open Bid style knives exclusive so we won’t copy one of those. We will work with the winner to make sure he/she is happy with the knife. Any questions may be directed to me by email or FB Messenger.

For each $5 donated one entry will be entered in your name. You may donate in any denomination, all at once, or individual entries, whichever you prefer. I will let this run until Saturday, December 17 at 5:00 PM MST (7:00 EST, 6:00 CST, 4:00 PST).

To donate please use this link: http://paypal.me/GCDonations

No other address will be used for this. Please use “DONATION; do not mention Raffle or Auction in your PayPal payment.

May you all enjoy your holidays and know that we appreciate you all. And thank you for your continued support.



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We are in the final countdown to leaving for the New York Custom Knife Show. We  fly out tomorrow.

The show is at The Westin-Jersey City Newport from Friday through Sunday. Showtimes are Friday 11-6 (11:00 for VIP pass entrance/1:00 -Collector & Day Passes), Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 9-3. More information is available at http://www.FiftyFiftyProductions.net.

We will have beep beep lotteries on Friday and Saturday. There will be 100 tickets available each day. BreacheRRs, beads, and miscellaneous will be FCFS (first come first serve). The Open Bid knife will be open to all, need not be in attendance to bid. Anyone interested in bidding can text, email, or FB message me. The bidding closes on Saturday at 3:00 pm EST.  My email is r.s.rogersknives@gmail.com, my phone number is 575-838-7237, and my FB is Sally Rogers.

The Open Bid is a Vector V2 which has an art deco pattern on the titanium frames, a Dense Twist Damasteel blade, blue anodized clip and backspacer, and the backspacer features a Tritium insert.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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