Axiom RRafle

---CLOSED---  Thank you everyone. Will draw later this afternoon.

This classy Axiom features a Chad Nichols Tuxedo damascus blade, Bronze carved bolsters, Green Canvas Micarta, Bronze stand-offs and pivot collars, and bronze anodized hardware. This is probably the last time Richard will do this bolster pattern.  

This would typically be an Open Bid knife but we want as many people as possible to have a chance at it. We appreciate all the support we've been given by so many of you and want you all to have a chance at this beauty. We feel this way is more equitable; plus it will be more fun.

So we are offering it as a 'RRafle'. In order to not be considered gambling we will sell 'downloadable images' rather than 'RRafle tickets'. Each image purchase is an entry for the Axiom. The price is $10 per 'image',  6 for $50, or 13 for $100.  Purchases are unlimited and available here in the Shop.

We will end this at 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 2 with a live video to follow later in the day.  

Thanks everyone!




  • I will take $100 worth, please let me know preferred pmt

    Dave Ellis
  • In for 6

    Mike Toth
  • What a way to open the new website! That’s a masterpiece! Can’t wait to see you at the Monkey Muster!

    Dr. Bill
  • Thanks Richard and Sally for the opportunity and keeping the playing field pretty level. Appreciate your continued kindness and awesome customer service. An absolutely beautiful knife. Thanks again!

    Ryan Schwartz
  • What a beauty!


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