Opening Books on 3 Models - Update 7-2-14: All Closed

Look up at the sky! Okay, not really the sky but up at the top there under the header. See that shiny new tab labeled 'Models'? Yes, I finally got around to consolidating all the details and information about the various models in one place. Click on it for all the deets. It should be easier to find the information you need, especially appropriate now as we open the books on the ARC, the 4F, and the Shorty/Chunky. Tomorrow, Monday, June 30, we will open the books for the ARC at 8:00PM (MDT) [7:00 (PDT), 9:00 (CDT), 10:00 (EDT)]. For those outside the U.S. we apologize for the early morning hour. There will be 10 spots available. The first 10 to email me at will get a spot. I will email you if you get in, if you don't receive an acknowledgement then you didn't get a spot this time around. BOOKS CLOSED - Thank you! Tuesday, July 1, we will open the books for the 4F at 8:00PM (MDT). The same rules apply as for the ARC. Please read above. BOOKS CLOSED - Thank you! Wednesday, July 2, the Shorty/Chunky will be available at 8:00PM (MDT). Again, same rules as above. CLOSED - Thank you! Reminder: only emails sent to will count. Also, please be aware there is a period after the first and second letter in the address. Hope you all are enjoying your summer Sunday.


  • The price and all other info. is available under the Models tab in the header. Thanks.

  • What will be the prices on these 3 models?

  • This is awesome news!! What would be the timeframe for completion if getting a spot for one of the models??

  • Answered in private message but basically by end of October all will be sent out. He’ll work them in as he can & they will go out for the next few months.


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