Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...

How is it that The Bunkhouse didn't have a bunk 'til now? bunkhouse 004 This poor old abode has mostly been a storage unit for a couple of decades. Now it is being used a few times a year as a hunter's retreat. (Okay, calling it a retreat is pushing it, but it's better than a mildewy tent.) We've been really lucky to have a great group of guys stay here and decided they needed a little more room; and since they will be here Sunday night hence the building of the bunkbeds. Scotland2013 330 bunkhouse 003 While working we heard scurrying and squeaks coming from the roof area. After investigating, we found bats in the belfry. Not for long, however, as they now have only outside access. bunkhouse 002 We will wait for this evening to see if it works.


  • How does a pipe in the wall get bats out of a belfry?

  • The pipe is the only way out for the bats in the ceiling area, they are able to fly out but not fly back in. So far, it seems to have worked. Got the idea off the internet.


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