Introducing the KiRRi

ALL GONE! THANKS! Up for sale is the new KiRRi - one part neck knife one part bottle opener. These little guys weigh about half an ounce at .3 ounces for Ti and .5 ounces for stainless (8 gms. and 14 gms.). They are approximately 3 inches long. They can be worn in the pocket on a lanyard, as a neck knife, on a keychain, or whatever floats your boat. [caption id="attachment_678" align="alignleft" width="169"]KiRRis 1 Ti & 5 Stainless KiRRis
1 Ti & 5 Stainless[/caption] They are $100 shipped. First come, first served. We accept PayPal. Send an email to I will notify the first 6 with our PayPal information & request your shipping address. Please note in the photo that the KiRRi on the top right is a Leftie. Also, please understand that over time the kydex sheath will loosen slightly, but not enough to fall off, and will add wear patterns to the finish. Hope you like these little guys & have a wonderful weekend.

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