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20151214_183404 Santa Claus is coming to town, and he has an Axiom in his hot little mittened hand. This Axiom is being offered as a GCR to raise funds for The Magdalena Giving Tree and the Storehouse, which is an area food bank.  Our area is extremely economically depressed and for our little village of less than 900 we have 90 kids in need of a present under the tree this year. This is where you can help and get the warm fuzzies all at the same time. Oh, and maybe win a knaf!  All you have to do is hit the Donate Button. Each $5 donation gives you an in. The PayPal address is r.s.rogersknives@gmail.com.  We will run this from now until Wednesday evening (December 16) ending at 8:00 pm (MST) (that's 7 pm PST, 9 pm CST, or 10 pm EST & you international peeps gotta figure it out on your own!) This Axiom is serial number 19, features Stonewashed Ti Bolsters and Liners; Carbon Fiber Scales, Blue Anodized Ti Pivot, screws, stand-offs, and clip; and has a CTS-XHP blade. 20151214_165516_resized Donate here: Donate We will also have another Axiom available early next month as a GCR for our Friends of the Library fundraiser. So if you don't get this one, another is just around the corner!  And thanks to you all. Have a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas!        


  • Just tried again and it seems to be fixed!

  • Same as above, looking forward to supporting this great cause!

  • I just clicked the donate button but paypal said:

    This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

    Is anyone else getting this message?

  • Yeah, I realized that only after it posted. I am working on it. Thanks.

  • Not seeing the donate button….


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