[caption id="attachment_575" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Happy Smiles for an amazingly successful raffle! Happy Smiles for an amazingly successful raffle![/caption] Those smiles don't begin to do justice to just how happy the Barton Family is gonna feel once they get delivery of the $3,100 raised by the raffle! As a Golden Rule Girl I try to believe in the goodness of people & you all have clearly shown that to be true in spades the last few days. Richard and I are verklempt/gobsmacked/overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiasm shown by everyone who has backed this project. We are honored to call you all friends. Santa would be proud of you all -- you have been good for goodness sake! The winner of the knife is Dennis Bosman. Congrats, Dennis & thank you so much for the donation. I got your address and will mail it tomorrow.

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