G7 is almost here

And Richard is getting things done. Up for Open Bid is this beauty: [caption id="attachment_760" align="alignright" width="660"]G7 Open Bid G7 Open Bid[/caption] 20150827_134728 20150827_134840 This Axiom features Zirc bolsters and stand-offs, Silver Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber, a blackened clip, Ti pivot, caged bearings, and Chad Nichols StarFire damascus blade. Richard loves this damascus. Open bid is open to all, need not be present to bid. I will accept bids starting Friday, September 4 when G7 opens. Bidding will close at 2:00 PM, Las Vegas time, on Saturday, September 5. I can take bids on our Facebook post, FB messages, text, email, or proxy if anyone so chooses. I will update the FB page and under comments here as price changes. Bidding will be in $25 increments. Our phone number is 575-838-7237, email: r.s.rogersknives@gmail.com. We accept checks or PayPal. Starting bid is $1000.

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  • $1000.00


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