This is a post we have felt has needed to be said for quite awhile, but I keep forgetting and blogging isn't my thing. But lately we have had even more inquiries and have seen a knife or two that mandates we address this now. Knife parts are not easily interchangeable. Even though they may look alike they are each hand finished to one particular knife. So the frames of one Axiom, say, will not fit exactly on another Axiom. This goes for all models and all parts. The CNC is a wonderful tool, which makes cutting out multiple pieces more proficient. But it is only the beginning. Each piece is profiled for one knife, and because they are hand done they are individual. All this to say that they are not meant to be mixed and matched, one material slapped on for another, or Frankenknifed. We can not warranty our work if parts have been swapped. Hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings.

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  • It makes absolute sense. Thanks for sharing and clearing it up Sally.

    Ryan Schwartz

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