Knives have brought a lot into our lives but the best thing, by far, as been the friends we've made. The knife-making community is by and large a very supportive and friendly one. We have been blessed to have met and befriended some wonderful people through this business. 

One in particular is Bob T. Do I even need to type out Terzuola, everyone seems to know Bob or at least know his knives.  He is considered the grandfather of tacticals. He has even written the book on it. And more importantly, he's a good guy. We've been lucky to be able to call him a friend and visit with him as often as we can. He will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to fix his back and leg. So I am asking you all to send some mojo his way tomorrow.  Your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes will be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • Prayers sent! Hope all is well with you and Richard as well :)

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    Nathan Nalley
  • He’s doing well. Thanks for the visit yesterday. He loves spending time with you and Sally. He is in awe of your latest work. For Bob, that’s saying a lot!

  • Good luck Bob!!


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