Deets on Open Books

Wow, guys, that was really fast. The books are now closed. Those that got a spot have been notified by email. Thank you all so much. Your enthusiasm is very much appreciated. The books will be opening on the Tangent at noon today, Friday, Feb. 7, with 10 spots available. This is 12:00 MST, or 11:00PST, 1:00CST, and 2:00 EST. Only emails sent to will be counted. Please note that the email address includes periods between the first two initials. No deposits are required and the price includes shipping in the US. [caption id="attachment_196" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Latest Tangents Latest Tangents[/caption] The Base Model is $525 and includes CPM-154 blade steel, with a stonewashed finish, G-10 scales of your choice (if available), machined clip, and textured handles, if desired. At this time, we are keeping the Options simple, they are: Carbon Fiber scales -- add $50. Lightning-strike carbon fiber -- add $75. Anodizing - color of choice -- add $25. Jeweled liners -- add $25. Note: We have had a number of delivery failure notifications on both ends of messaging, so please make sure your/our email addresses are correct. Thank you.

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