Breachers Up for Sale

ALL GONE! THANKS FOR PLAYING! Some of you may know that I've been playing, I mean working diligently, in the shop lately. I have finished my first batch of Breachers, also know as Bottle Openers. I am learning a lot and enjoying the processes thus far. The best is working with the anodizing. It's almost like magic watching the colors develop. I am offering 4 for sale. The top two, #1-2, are single-sided, and sell for $35 + $5 shipping. The bottom two, #3-4, are double-sided and sell for $45 +$5 shipping. #1 is a blue with purple highlights, #2 is a bright pink- leaning purple, #3 is an iridescent peacock, and #4 is a subtle blue-tinged greyish silver. [caption id="attachment_663" align="alignleft" width="168"]1st Edition Breachers  by Sally 1st Edition Breachers by Sally[/caption] The sale is first come, first served. Leave a comment below with your color choice and I will get back to the winners. Payment may be made to our PayPal address:


  • Eddie, # 2 or #4?

  • or# 1
    Eddie Moore
  • In breachers

    Eddie Moore
  • Sean, which one would you prefer #3 or #1?

  • ill take number three!

    Andrew Bourne

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