Beads (aka playing with the lathe)

UPDATE: The following #s are available now: 4, 6, 9,11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, & 33. If there is an interest I can take a polished bronze and distress it so it is more like those at the bottom (#41-45). Just let me know. And thanks everyone. 20160428_185555 Richard has been enjoying his foray into the CNC lathe rabbit hole. He started out by making beads. He felt he needed to tweak something after each bead fell off the column.So I ended up having a lot of beads to finish. Which is good news for you as they are now all for sale! In the photo below #1-7 are multi-colored anodized Ti; #8 is Stainless Steel; #9-12 are Polished Copper; #13-15 are Bead-blasted Copper; #16 is Blackened Ti; #17 and 18 are Pink anodized Ti; #19-29 are Polished Bronze; #30-33 are Bead-blasted Bronze; #34-40 are solid color anodized Ti; and #41-45 are Distressed Bronze. 20160428_123442 The copper beads are $30 each and all others are $25, shipped. Payment by PayPal or check. If interested please choose a number{s)and then EMAIL ME at only. FCFS. No limit on quantity. Sorry but it is too difficult to keep up with comments here, FB, IG, and emails so I will only respond to emails at our business address. I will update as needed. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you really like these. And to save someone from asking, yes, we have plans for damascus and Zirc later (most likely after Blade).


  • I would like #2 please

    Aaron Lawrence
  • Got it, you should have received an email from me. It is yours. More later.Thanks

  • I sent an email about #3

    Andrew Stewart
  • Hi J.R., having trouble editing this post. #16 is already spoken for, but the other two are yours. I am in a meeting now so will get back to you. Thanks.

  • 13,16,and 44 please ms sally

    Thank you

    J.R. Choate 318-558-1933

    J.R. Choate

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