ARC 2.0

Welcome guest blogger, Richard Rogers, as he brings to you his reasoning behind the ARC -

The concept was to make a very slim, light knife with clean lines that you could carry without noticing it until you needed it.

The ARC was one of my first designs. I recently decided to revist the design and give it an update/reboot/makeover. I was happy with the overall lines, but the cutout in the blade for opening was problematic for some people. There is a real tendency to push in on the lockbar while trying to open smaller frame lock knives. This makes them really difficult to open.

I decided to try 2 versions, one with bearings, and one with .005" thick washers. The little bearings are really smooth and quick, but result in a slightly thicker knife. Washers are still smooth, but they let me get the knife .030" thinner.


The grooves in the blade and handle serve a dual purpose: They act as an opening feature for the version with washers, and also serve to accentuate the curved shape of the top line.

I included a thumbstud on the version with bearings. This way it can be easily flipped open with a flick of the thumb.

The clip was changed to aid in gripping the knife while opening, and to move it toward the rear of the pocket. In my experience, the farther back in the pocket, the less likely the clip is to snag on things.

Some people like a lanyard hole, and some don't. I redesigned the back spacer so that it has 2 postions. In one position, the lanyard hole is completely hidden. In the other position, it is visible at the rear of the knife.

The blade is 3/32" thick, and the weight is under 1.5 ounces.

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