The Symmetry is the newest design coming out of Richard's fertile mind.
This new model is basically designed for locales with knife restrictions.

The blade is under 3" long, it uses ball detents to hold the blade open and closed; so it doesn't lock open.

It is a very flexible design: operation is ambidextrous, the clip can be mounted for right or left hand use, or removed entirely. It opens like any flipper style knife. Many different blade shapes can be used, basically whatever will fit in the frame outline.

The tang is extended slightly so that when holding it in the open position your hand keeps it from closing inadvertently.

Weight: 1.8 ounces, 1.7 ounces without the clip
Blade: 2.9"
Frame: 4"


  • I love my symmetry. It has a great design and wonderful action. The detent gives it a nice solid feel while in the open and closed positions. Very pocketable, the symmetry is a great smaller sized knife. Well done!!!

    Steven Lanski
  • Great design and execution

    Scott Palmer

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