Introducing the X-Mid

Yippee Ki-yay, we are excited to announce the newest OEM release!  After what seems like forever, but really isn't, we have in hand the new X-Mid. The name derives from the fact that this model is extra -- the size is in-between the Slim Utility and the Mid-Utility. Think Goldilocks, not too big and not too small, but JUST RIGHT!

The X-Mid is next in line in our Utility series. So the look is similar but this model has a machined clip and keyed studs in the rear. The blade is 1/8" thick; which is slightly thicker than the Slim. Also, the blade is 3" long, whereas the Slim has a 2.75" blade and the Mid-Utility has a 3.25" blade.  The blade steel is the same as our previous OEM, which is M390.


We are offering 4 versions:  

  • Black DLC frames with bead blast blade
  • Bead Blast stonewashed frames with bead blast blade
  • Blue stonewashed frames with bead blast blade, and
  • Bronze and black stonewashed frames with dark stonewashed blade

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