Counterfeit Knock-Offs

While at SHOT Show last week it was brought to our attention that the CRKT CEO has been counterfeited. The knock-offs are extremely similar to the CRKT version. So much so that we felt it was important to make you aware of what to be on the look-out for.

In all photos the counterfeit is on the bottom with the genuine version on the top.

The differences are minor and may be undetectable unless a real model is held up next to the knock-off.  The following details appear on the counterfeits:

  • On the blade the text and graphic are slightly larger
  • The clip is thicker and slightly more curved
  • The liners are thicker
  • On the inside of the locking liner there is a cut-out hole
  • On the back, the pivot screw is not flush - this is the most noticeable difference
  • Thumb-stud is slightly thicker and higher
  • Blade is thicker
 Please realize that the CRKT warranty is not applicable to the knock-offs and as such will not be honored.  A counterfeit was brought to the booth, during SHOT, that had been purchased off of Amazon.  
Price seems to be the determining factor. Ebay and other sites listing prices below $40 are to be viewed as suspect. If the price sounds too good to be true it is probably a counterfeit.
The best thing to do is buy from a reputable source and be very suspect of prices below $40.



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